Channels too buggy after PiP release

Is there a way to download the old version? I’m having too many issues with the latest version. Auto keeps cutting out and I have to pause the replay and restart to get it to come back. If I use commercial skip the audio doesn’t work. App often hangs.

Apple TV 4K with Stereo homepods as audio, experimental audio driver (otherwise I get back audio sync issues), latest versions of everything. Didn’t have any of these issues before the PiP release.

Apple does not provide any way to downgrade apps.

Please try the latest TestFlight from which has improvements in the default audio driver for airplay sync.

How do I get the redemption code?

Here's the link to join the TestFlight group:

(Remember, for tvOS betas, you need to use the iOS/iPadOS TestFlight app to join; you can't join a tvOS TestFlight from the Apple TV.)

Beta version not fixing the issue with the audio stopping after just a second or not coming back after commercial skip. This is so frustrating. Everything had worked so well and now I feel like I’m gonna have to ditch Channels DVR for YYTV. :cry:

Aman is working to fix audio w/ HomePod AirPlay 2 issues. He released a beta - 2.13.113 - yesterday that, for me, is a huge improvement. If you haven’t gotten that one yet, try it. And, be sure to set the audio driver to default as that is the one he is working on to correct the issues.

My setup is ATV4K, TVOS 14.5 (beta) and also 14.5 on the HomePods. The HomePods are set to be the default audio device in the ATV config.

Prior to yesterday’s beta Channels client release HomePod was unusable for me and I had to switch back to the integrated TV speakers. Symptoms included sync issues on ATSC 3.0 channels and audio stopping after few seconds on TVE channels. With is sync is SIGNIFACNTLY improved and there are only occasional chirps while audio & video catch up to one another.

Also, Aman has indicated he has ordered a pair of HomePod Minis so that he can further work on the audio issues with AirPlay 2.

Looks like it defaulted to experimental driver so I’ll try changing it.

Default audio driver re-introduces the audio sync issues in exchange for solving the other issues.

Please try the latest beta (2.16.2145). It should fix sync with the default driver and also fix audio stopping with the experimental driver.

Early results seem favorable with experimental audio driver. Audio hasn’t cut out yet and it ends right away when going back to guide.