Channels tuning wrong ATSC3 channel - Bug?

Big Channels fan here. Huge thanks to all the developers that work on this!

I noticed that every so often (maybe 1 out of 5 to 10 times) when I choose an ATSC3 channel to tune, it will bring up the ATSC1 channel instead. I have 2 Quad HDHomerun tuners (8 ATSC1 slots available, 4 ATSC3 slots available). I know with 100% certainty that when I click to play the channel, there are 3 or 4 available ATSC3 tuner slots open to tune but it defaults to the ATSC1 variant instead.

For example, I click channel 103.1 (CBS) and it plays the 3.1 (CBS) instead.

This happens like I said 1 out of 5-10 times but would like it to be flawless if possible.

Just wondering if this is a potential Channels bug or a HDHR bug.

Willing to help troubleshoot anyway I can!

Devices: Nvidia Shield TV, Tivo Stream 4K, onn 4K Streaming box, Pixel 6 Phone

I've seen this happen when the signal on the ATSC3 channel is bad.

Signal quality for my ATSC3 channels is 100% according to the HDHR Tuner Status Page.

Which could also mean 100+, and SD's tuners are quite susceptible to over-powered signals; which means your ATSC3 signal could be too strong to tune.

Make sure your tuner firmware is up to date and report it to SiliconDust

I am picking up the signal from 50 miles away. Antenna is in the attic, 30ft coax run, no booster, splitter on the end to feed 2 HDHR boxes. Signal Strength is about 88%. I highly doubt it's "too" strong.

@tmm1 I appear to be on the latest firmware on both boxes (20220203). Will report to SiliconDust as suggested.

I misread the initial post as strength, rather than quality. Apologies for the noise.

(Stacking of tuners/priorities and how SD allocates tuners may be something to look at ...)

Can you be more specific about stacking of tuners/priorities?

I have 1 as source 1 and the other as source 2. Don't see any other options.

I've had this issue since the Cincinnati ATSC 3.0 channels came online. If it doesn't tune right away, it then tunes the Dayton ATSC 1.0 channel if it has the same listings.

every time? or just sometimes?

A couple things come to mind.
Tuner sharing is enabled on the client and the dvr is recording, or another client with tuner sharing is watching, the ATSC 1 channel.
The client (or DVR if tuner sharing enabled) tries to tune the ATSC 3.0 channel and it times out, so it falls back to the ATSC 1 channel.

Sometimes. 50/50 or so.

The timing out is what appears to be going on, but it's really short, like 4-5 seconds tops before it gives up.

I tested it fairly often with nothing going on in the background, such as other channels tuned or recordings happening. I blame it on the crappy locals and their implementation of ATSC 3.0.

This is on an Nvidia Shield pro client, Win10 server. It never happens when using the crappy HDHR client.

I believe the standard timeout for HDHR tuners is 6 seconds.

I believe it's happening with tuner sharing enabled or disabled.

I do not use Channels DVR to record anything.

SiliconDust requested some logs and I've sent them over. Let's see if they find anything!

Sounds about right, but on my server's second monitor I have this installed showing the signal fires up right away and is good. It just never finishes tuning and falls back to the Dayton station with the same listing.

Here's the HDHR link if others want to chime in. Thanks

Forgot the link?

Sorry, here it is: