Channels, TVE & Android Live Channels


New here. I am checking out channels. I must say very stable product. However, my two dilemmas are Live Channels from Android TV. My family loves it and they have zero interest on trying anything else. It is intuitive and the closest to WMC. Any plan on using Channels as input for Live Channels? Lastly, if I would like to use TVE but do not wish to DVR it, any plans on having a package that caters to users such as myself? I simply want live tv and am willing to pay for the guide if necessary or perhaps make it free and reduce the guide to 4-5 days like Silicondust does.

We have no plans to integrate with Live Channels. The Android APIs for it are really hard to work with and not worth the effort involved.

The code for the TVE feature is part of the DVR server, so the DVR server and subscription is required to use it. It's not something we can add directly to the apps.

If you're only interested in using Live Channels, you can connect your HDHomeRun directly to it. You could even use the DVR feature within Live Channels, but it's not very robust. Good for recording to a single device (no network storage option or viewing a recording in a different room, for instance).

Yes I am aware of that. Thanks for pointing it out though. I would like to utilize the TVE feature which Live Channels alone does not support.

I personally think the TVE feature could be a game changer in this space. Live Channels is already changing the game as the UI is the best one yet since WMC. I think Channels DVR is most likely second. It allows integration with multiple different sources. So I can present Live Channels to my family and the stream they are watching can be coming from different other inputs like HDHomerun, Pluto, etc...

There is Fitzy tv, but he doesn't use Hdhomerun tuner and only records on the cloud. He does have some locals