Channels with HRTunerProxy


Hey guys.

I bought a VU+ Uno 4K SE with the intention of running OpenVIX with the HRTunerProxy plugin that mimics an HDHomeRun.

My initial idea was to use this with Plex on the Apple TV 4K but now I’ve come across Channels that looks superior to Plex, and I was wondering if anybody has experience with this?

Wondering especially if I can map the channels on my own as they won’t be having the YouSee channel numbers.

Thanks in advance.



Our app was built and tested with HDHomeRun tuners only. I took at quick look at HRTunerProxy and I don’t think it would work with Channels without many changes.


Thanks for the quick respone!

Any particular reasons for this? From what I understand they implement the same APIs as HDHomerun does.


The HDHomeRun implements multiple APIs. There is a UDP discovery API on port 65001, a TCP control API on port 65001, an HTTP api on port 80, and another HTTP api on port 5004 for streaming video. The Channels app expects all four of these to be implemented, but that proxy only implements the HTTP port 80 API.


Very elaborate, thanks a lot.

Is there a specification of these APIs available publicly online? I’d like to take a look at how much work it is to implement on the proxy-side.


Yes they are all documented by SiliconDust. See also Does anybody know which API is used to control the HDHomerun device, udp or http?