Channels Won’t Record Local (HDHR) Stations

Good morning,

I’m having a weird issue where ChannelsDVR will not provide the page necessary to record a show, but only with respect to local channels coming through my HDHR Extend tuner. For example, if I am in the Guide and select a future program and try to click on it, I would normally get the “record” page. This works fine if I am trying to record a program coming through TVE (channels 6001 and above). But if I am trying to record a local program coming through the HDHR Extend, for example ABC on 4.1 or PBS on 13.1, nothing happens when you click on the Guide. It will not pop up the record page.

But if I click on a current program from those same channels the show comes right up and seems to work just fine.

This is a pretty recent issue. Previously, I had no problem recording local shows and have had this same setup for almost two years. I had not updated the firmware on the HDHR for quite a while. When this issue began I updated the firmware to the latest version but that did not fix the problem (nor did anything seem to change other than myHDHR website confirming that everything is up to date.)

My setup:

2 Tuners: TVE (Verizon FiOS) and HDHR Extend

AppleTV (Model A1842 32GB) tvOS 13.4.8

   AppleTV is hard wired via CAT 6 to the router

ChannelsDVR (v. 2020.08.19.2205) is running on a MacMini late 2012 (Core i7-3615QM cpu with 16GB ram 73.1% free) and MacOS Mojave (10.14.6)

I sent in a diagnostic file.

Any ideas what’s happening?

There is no guide data assigned to your EXTEND on the dvr web UI in the sources section.

Ah, yes. I just noticed that.
Thank you for the quick fix and always excellent tech support.
Have a great day!

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