ChannelsDVR Android client on Sony Bravia (with Chromecast) tearing of overlay

Testing out Channels to replace my soon-to-be-dead TiVo Edge (thanks, Spectrum for killing CableCard!). Installed the normal Android application from the Play Store (not the HDHomeRun version) and everything seems to work fine UNTIL I play a show. When I do, the overlay bar at the bottom of the screen (which shows the progress bar and such information on any other Android device) gets "torn" as if it's not being displayed at the right horizontal resolution and thus is completely readable. The actual video of the show plays fine underneath.

Any idea how this could be fixed?

Can you take a photo?

Good point, sorry... OP corrected

Quite strange.

Does it also happen with the pull down quick guide?

Not sure what that means, just playing around with it... how (on a TV remote) would I "pull down" the quick guide?

With the down arrow on the dpad

With pull down, it looks fine and the pull down info is completely readable. If I then (while pulled down) hit the pause button, the progress bar looks fine too. If I then up-arrow the pull down away I get the torn progress bar appearance. So good catch on that... seems like it's not reading the render resolution correctly IFF the pull down isn't also on-screen.

This is something Android OS on this particular TV model is doing, and not in our control. We tell the OS to render a box at certain coordinates and the rest is up to Android. Seems like a GPU driver bug on their side.

What is the exact model number and OS version?