Channesl DVR sending me wrong LOCAST region

HI. Im normally directed to Locast LA when logging straight into locast thru my roku. But when i put in my credentials into Channels takes me to Locast dallas!!.

Why is it doing this and how can i fix it to be in LA.

Where is your DVR server located? Geolocation is generally based upon the Chromium/Chrome version installed on your DVR server, although sometimes it may be based upon the client you use to access your DVR's web UI.

Are you using a VPN?

Judging from a previous post, it appears that @gonenow is in the UK. If so, a VPN is likely in use.

(Since Locast is a non-profit to provide broadcast streams to those in broadcast markets who cannot receive terrestrial OTA (because of mountains or other geographical issues), I'm not sure this an appropriate use.)

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Hi. I am using a smart dns from australia and this enables me to get locast. The setting for locast is Los Angeles. So I am at a loss as to why channels Dvr is listing dallas channels.

No not a vpn.. Instead I'm using a smart dns. So I can get locast Los Angeles.

You saw UK because I changed my smart dns setting to UK to see if the were channels dvr stations in London. That did not work.

I have the ability with smart dns to change from usa/uk/Canada.

Even so... If I set my location to USA... How does (why does channels dve) go straight to dallas.? Upon speaking with smart dns support... They confirm that when subscribing to locast, it goes to Los Angeles (and no where else)

I don't know what smartdns is or how it works. Sounds like you need to ask your smartdns provider why some places would show LA and others show Dallas.

Think of smart dns as being similar to vpn. The take home message is that everything is going thru LA

The takeaway is that you are using a third-party service to circumvent geo-restrictions, which is unsupported.

Well. This thread was a waste

By waste do you mean its unresolved. I guess it sends you wherever your located. I do note that some others on the forum have had this issue im not sure how they resolved it.

Everyone thought you were in LA and were getting the wrong channels, but you are trying to cheat the system

I live in LA and regularly travel... so i don't get what the issue is. Am i not entitled to record shows that i miss when i am at home.? In any case, i have decided to cancel my subscription. Thanks for those that helped - positivley

The location used for Locast is based upon your DVR server, not your client. If you're traveling and accessing your DVR remotely, nothing will change.

The issue with the other poster is that they have said they're located in Australia, and using a third-party service to spoof a Los Angeles location to gain access to services that are geo-restricted to a particular broadcast media market.

You're comparing apples and oranges.

Edit: I see now that you changed your handle, so you are actually the OP. The matter hasn't changed: you stated you were in AU and using a third-party tool to circumvent legitimate geo-restrictions. Such a use is unsupported, and in fact jeopardizes the service (Locast in this case) for others using it properly.

I get that!. but probably a lesson for that poster not to jump to conclusions. Your post above would have been a sufficient (albeit proper) response to the original question

Yes currently in Australia on leave to see family. I regularly travel to UK and Canada. Hence the appeal of using channels plus for locast. Despite the debates... I have decided to forgo channels.

Appreciate the constructive advice

sorry, I tried to figger out how to ask in a private message... so, can you Tell me, ARE you able to Record Locast on Channels, skip ads, and watch on your Roku? thanks

Yes. Locast recording works just like OTA/Cable/TVE. Commercial detection as well. Roku support is limited to the bare-bones Channel that is no longer developed.