Chapter markers not showing up on Shield TV App


Tonight I sat down to watch Supernatural after it finished recording. It had just completed the commercial detection job. Log says it finished successfully. However, the markers are not showing up on the timeline during playback.

For now I can just skip forward but I thought I would mention it in case you can see any issues that may be causing this. Maybe the App is renewing the file fast enough? I did restart the Shield in case that would make it show the markers.

I checked via a web browser on my tablet and I can see it has the chapter markers there when I click the chapters button, so they are there.

I have never seen this happen before.


Did the recorded program have weather warnings at the bottom? These usually prevent commercial indexing from working properly.


Nope, no weather warnings. It's weird because it is only on the Shield that the chapter marks don't show up. They work fine via the web app and on my tablet and it's only that one show.

It's pretty moot point now though as we have already watched the show.