Chapter Markers

I don't have a Windows computer for MCEBuddy but I was wondering I have a Mac and Handbrake so if there is a way to export the markers out of what Channels does to skip through commericals and input that into Handbrake because you can import a CSV files.

On the DVR web UI at the bottom you can enable EDL export under Experimental options. I don't know if Handbrake accepts EDL files, but it should be easy to convert to CSV if you need to.

Yeah they only accept CSV files. I need to figure out how to convert the EDL file to CSV.

tr '\t ',' < input.edl > output.csv

How do you do that?

From the command line. Just replace the filenames for your input and output. Of course, that makes no allowance for the format that Handbrake wants; it just replaces the tabs with commas. But it should give you a starting point.

Actually, it looks like what you want to do won't work. From the Handbrake docs:

Sources without chapters

Unfortunately, HandBrake can not currently add chapter markers if they did not already exist in the source.

Welp, back to square one.

The other thing you need to consider is what container format are you remuxing/transcoding the Channels recordings to. Not all containers (like the mpeg transport stream Channels records in) support chapter marks. Comparison of video container formats - Wikipedia

I looked into this same thing awhile back and never found any appealing workflow for Mac users. Lots of great video converters are available (I use Handbrake but Permute is excellent too) but none seem to handle EDL files or make it easy to excise commercials from DVR files.

One thing I’d consider, if it was important (and I’d be taking advantage of it enough) is to just use the popular and well-tested MCEBuddy, via Windows in Parallels, VMware or the like. I use virtualization for a few various Windows-only tasks and for me, Parallels works amazingly well for filling in those sorts of gaps. There’s even a “coherence mode” which basically hides the OS layer. You launch your Windows apps right alongside your Mac apps. It’s pretty slick and feels like the best of both worlds.

The Comskip log directories include ffmeta files, which you can use as additional inputs into Ffmpeg to create chapter markers.

A linux program called Losslesscut can take .edl files in and make the cuts.

Figured out the solution with new update to add project files through VideoReDo. Works flawlessly.