Cheap laptop

Looking to pick up a cheap laptop my storage will be a 3tb my cloud. How do you think watching remotely on a Apple TV will work. I checked it has Intel quick sync.

Are you planning on running Channels DVR Server on this laptop? Or do you mean for watching content on it?

Server. With a NAS for storage, not hardwired to the laptop.

It's highly unsuggested to run your storage over wifi with Channels DVR Server. It's also a real pain to get it working well with a laptop with the way Windows tries to optimize energy on them.

If you're going to get a whole new set up for DVR, I'd suggest looking at a true NAS that can run Channels DVR Server directly on it. Something like a Synology 218+.

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Thanks. a litte out of my price range, Minimum $500 with storage.
How about this and hardwire the nas to it

If you go with a regular computer, I'd just suggest getting a huge Western Digital USB drive to attach to it. Those WD MyCloud NAS devices are a little weird and don't really work like regular NAS devices.

And again, you'll want to record to a directly attached drive where the DVR Server is running and not over the network. You'll just run into trouble doing it that way.

Are you familiar with Linux? The Intel NUC devices are a really great option. It's in that price range and is as small as an Apple TV. Putting linux on it and then Channels DVR will work great. You can also put Windows on it too.

I've used Ubuntu before, something like this

I've personally found the Gigabyte Brix lineup to be better for a small server like this than a NUC. (Mostly because GB's machine's have a few fewer features/ports/etc., and therefore are less expensive for the same processor.)

Thanks, I committed to this on eBay for $125
Intel NUC Mini PC Core i5 1.8GHz 8GB 120GB SSD WiFi BT 4.0 Win10 PRO DC53427HY
They did has a similar one by Gigabyte Brix
asking $180.