Cheapest usable client device

I am possibly looking into setting up a spare tv in a bedroom and need a client device set top box or dongle to use the Android TV app as a client for Channels DVR.

It would very rarely be used, so I am wanting the cheapest thing possible....not wanting to buy another Nvidia Shield. Has to be wifi connected as well.

Prefer Android TV case that is the same thing we use elsewhere, so want the same experience the household is familiar with.

Its to bad Channels does not have a full functional Roku app, as those devices are good and cheap and would be perfect for this idea.

The TiVo Stream 4K is still on sale and works well.

Is there a cheaper non 4K version?
The spare tv i have is some 15in 720p tv.
4K is overkill. lol

Just how workable is the test Channels DVR Roku app? I see a Roku express for $25 at Target
or a Roku Streaming Stick+ on ebay new for $15

I wouldn’t rely on the Roku app. Since it’s no longer developed it could stop working at any time and that would be the end of it.

The Roku app is bare essentials only and a poor UX.

Just because a client supports 4K doesn't mean your TV needs 4K. I have a Fire TV 4K Pendant attaches to a 720p TV in my guest bedroom.

If you want an Android device, your best choices are Fire TV Stick 4K, Nvidia Shield Pro, or TiVo Stream 4K.

If you want to cheap out and go for Roku, then the poor UX is all your own choice.

Would the regular non 4K fire tv stick work with channels? Isn't Amazon products their own OS? I have a FIRE tablet that does not have Google Play store natively, i had to add it on special.

I know that a 4K device will work on and low HD screen...what i mean is they charge more for the 4K version than a non 4K. i dont need to pay more for something i cant make use of.

Amazon's FireOS is a forked version of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). It usually runs 2-5 versions behind mainstream Android.

As far as the the Fire Stick (non-4K) versions: their hardware is barely adequate for decoding high-def OTA streams. If you are considering an Amazon product, the 4K stick is the best option for the price/performance, and lower options aren't well supported.

To bad Channels DVR dont have a way to be used on an old Xbox 360 i have, and it has a nice backlight media remote.

But it can play FHD video and online streams from Netflix etc just fine.
So....I don't follow why OTA would be an issue.

Because OTA has to be deinterlaced, which requires more processor power.

Because Netflix doesn't use MPEG Transport Streams to send MPEG-2 encoded video, which is what the ATSC broadcast standard for North America requires. Since most internet streaming services send content in H.264/AVC or H.265/HEVC, most devices (like earlier FireOS devices) don't support hardware decoding of MPEG-2.

Any other Fire tv device but the fire tv 4k stick is bad and practically unsupported by us.

You got the perfect answer with the first reply. Get the TiVo stream. It’s android tv, cheap, and works great. It fits all your requirements. Saving $10 on the non 4K fire tv stick is actually just a waste of $40.


Doesn't TiVo require a monthly subscription for their products? I used to have one of their DVR boxes many years ago.

For their DVR products, yes. The Stream 4K does not, however. You can in fact remove/disable all of the TiVo specific aspects of the device and use it as a plain generic Android TV device. Its remote is probably the best reason to choose it over another generic device.

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I use an older firestick on a 720p TV I keep in my basement and it works great with channels dvr.. often on sale for 25 bucks

the newer one has a remote that will control your TV, also able to power it off a USB port, so its completely wireless

I dont like the fire TV interface that much but the device does work. my main box is a shield.

avoid the generic android TV boxes, flakey and not well supported

Really? I guess I have been out of the loop because, last I knew, the Fire TV 4K stick was still problematical.

I bought a non-4K Fire TV stick on last season's Amazon holiday-time sale for $15. It's meant to be used remotely (tmm1's idea), but it seems to work fine locally. Just plugged it in and am running it now. Appears to be fine.

(Our "legacy" Fire TV Gen. 2 devices are still working fine, too, despite the significant amount of grief they've given you in development.)

When using them remotely, you're only using them with h.264 encoded media. They work fine for that. It's interlaced MPEG-2 content that gives them a lot of trouble.

Yikes, I bought that months ago for traveling! Should I look for something else that is portable?

I can't find the Tivo 4k Dongle in stores. like Best Buy, Target, Microcenter
Only thing i can find is the Bolt and Mini VOX devices.
Is it not out yet?
For things I may end up returning, i do physical stores, not online.
Also, since Amazon and other delivery drivers just put things on my curb now, they get stolen every time, so I have stopped using pretty much any online site for things.
I don't even see it on Amazon.

Let me be more clear. If your buying a Fire TV device today, it should be the Fire TV Stick 4K. It’s the fastest device they make by a mile. The others are very slow devices. This is the one you should invest in.