Choppy playback, skipping ahead on Android TV and Android Phone

Hi. New user here, so please forgive my noobishnous :grin:

Philips Android TV, 2019 Model Android v 9.0, OnePlus 6T Android 10.0, the server is on a Win 10 machine, and the files are all stored on a WD NAS.

When I try to play a recording on either of those devices, the playback is choppy and quickly skips to the end. My Plex server is on the same NAS, and I have no trouble playing any of my files through Plex (except for this particular recording)

I've tried to play the actual recording in other video players, and they all tell me the file is corrupted.

The recording was made from a cable channel broadcast.

Not sure how if my recording settings are off somewhere, and also not sure how to get the logs - when I try to open them, I'm told the file doesn't exist.

Anyways ... can anybody help? I'd be very grateful :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

I'm not certain I understand the question.

  • You have a file made from a broadcast recording.
  • You have problems playing back this file.
  • The problems with the file occur regardless of the device or software.
  • The file is being reported as corrupted.

It sounds like there was a problem with the broadcast stream, which resulted in a corrupted file.

Are there additional details you can offer? What exactly are you asking? Is this the only recording that has a problem? Do all recordings have a problem? Is it only a particular channel? Does other software have a problem making recordings?

Hi there, thanks for responding - and apologies for my delayed reply.

The original recording that I was posting about would stutter, skip ahead, stutter, skip ... etc ... and the 2-hour recording was done playing in a matter of seconds - literally.

I recorded 3 more - all different channels from my cable provider - a 1-hour recording played back flawlessly. The other 2 were 30-minute recordings, but each only lasted 4 minutes. These 3 were recorded at different times so that there would be no fight for resources.

It seems that the recordings themselves are bad - except for one. Other video players on different machines are unable to play the 3 bad ones, but the good recording plays just fine.

I should mention that I've had no problems recording things with other software.

I'm at a loss as to what to do or change to get my recordings to be useable. The DVR feature is what I'm most interested in here :wink:

Do you have any suggestions?


Without details, it's a shot in the dark. If you want help, we'll need to know your situation.

  • Hardware: What type of equipment are you using? This includes each device that takes part in the recording (tuner, DVR server, network equipment, etc.).
  • Sources: Are these OTA sources? Cable? TVE?
  • Software: You said you've made recordings with other software that hasn't had problems; which software?

That's just a start. Please remember, what may seem plain to you and not important could make a difference; we only know what you share.