Chrome Authority Issue

Just starting having issues on Channels plus
Signing into Direct TV, can do this directly from Chrome but adding source in Channels plus Config
Gives me a propmt that sign in is wrong.
Anyone notices a new sign in issue with Direct TV this past week?

Please click Support > Submit Diagnostics at the top right of the DVR web ui

When in Channels Plus DVR, trying to add source (DirectTV) it comes back invalid.
But if I go to DIRECTTV website and sign in it allows me just fine. it only fails when trying to add source in DVR configuration.

How can it work same ID/Password on DIRECTTV site but not when going through Add source

Logs submitted

Ok seems DVR Source add is going through
I don't have an account there so why is it routing through this direction?

Why are you not verifying against DIRCTTV - Directly?

You don't need an NBC account.

You have to click Link TV Provider and select DirecTV.

I did but it fails going through NBC........
If I go directly to DirecTV it signs in without issue

Screen shot of signed in to

Channels cannot stream from DirecTV's website. It only works with network sites like,, etc

If those sites don't work you need to contact DirecTV and ask them to fix it.

Ok Thanks