Chrome Browser for Channels

Could we get a chrome-browser-for channels-win-x64.exe. Same concept as ChromeCapture but ChromeBrower. works flawlessly with HDMI Encoder. Only problem is I can't change the URL like you can with ChromeCapture. ChromeCapture for me does not work well especially with issue with cropping. The NBC site is just about uselss plus the video quality is bad.
But chrome browser has fullscreen mode, which is necessary to view Spectrum. and retains as long as browser is open. Just need away to stop the stream when the connection
is closed from Channels client or stream will go on for ever. Spectrum TV doesn't have a android-app. I've setup a mini-pc with Hdmi encoder and works great.
If this capability can be provided, I think getting HDMI encoder with 4 outputs would be a good to set up CDVR with 4 tuners.



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I thought a simple .exe file can done. Ive tried for weeks to get the deprciated PC streams for channels working.
The HDMI Encoder was a better way and I bought the suggested Encoder you mention in the other forum.
My wish was to get a server like the ChromeCapture but For ChromeBrowser. I don't know how to right code. I'm at my wits on all this coding.

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For some reason my computer will not run PowerShell scripts.

With the EXE that is on GItHUb, you don't need to write any code, Just execute the EXE file and then add the Custom Channel in Channels and you are all set. The coding part that is referred to is for those that want to tinker with it. @tmm1 made it very user friendly.

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