Chrome cast support and additional background play

As the title suggests I’d like chrome cast with additional background play. I hope this capability is not restricted on the basis of solely using the Apple TV app for this purpose as I have already purchased both.


Unfortunately chrome cast support is not possible as the video format used by the HDHomeRun is incompatible with cast devices.

Wouldn’t the chromecast work properly for the extend if it used any of the transcoding profiles? All of the transcode profiles at h.264 MP4 I believe. It would be great to add support for that model. I believe InstaTV Pro has chromecast support. Thoughts?

This is the broadcast format in most countries. My Synology NAS and its Video Station app can play recorded .ts files to my Apple TV and Chromecast. I don't think there is any transcoding going on. Live streams need to be played through vlc.

This is the container in question.

This is the compression to be used going forward.

AFAIK casting and AirPlay require HLS and cannot play mpegts directly, even if the codec used is h264.

Does not really relate to Channels - but I'm using a Plex HDHomeRun plugin that is very basic, just gives a listing of the channels w/ no guide or anything, but it will play to a Chromecast - even an old one.

This should get you started:

This is the beauty of the HDHomeRun. You can fill in little gaps like this with other solutions. Nice!