Chrome dbus issue with Chromium 119 on TrueNAS Core (FreeBSD)

I think we maybe talking about two different errors here but I'm holding.

Please try the latest pre-release to fix the dbus error.

@eric should i uninstall what i just did to fix and let Channels handle the install via the troubleshooting fix chrome process or just roll with what i have now?

Here is what I just got.

@TerryD Could you re-run troubleshooting, re-update Chrome and try it again? If you could submit diagnostics again after that that would be appreciated.

@slampman If you're interested, we can dig into what's going on with your setup. I would need diagnostics, and maybe we should start a new thread specifically about it.

Still failing, reinstalled chromium pkg re-ran troubleshooting and submitted diagnostics.

@TerryD: Okay, sorry it's taken me a while to get up-to-speed on the specific setup you have, but to clarify: you are not using the "Click here to upgrade Chrome" button, but are instead installing Chromium yourself, correct?

In this case, I do not believe we've had any recent changes to impact the behavior of system installed Chrome/Chromium.

Are you sure you haven't upgraded the version of chromium on your system recently? What version are you running?

No recent update of Chromium and version being run.

I click here to upgrade Chrome and get a popup window, which appears to me to be saying I need to manually update.
When I click the OK button that popup goes away and there is no indication of any further activity.
The most recent TVE recordings were done Nov. 7th at 7:00 PM.without issue.

Thank you for that detail. I’m really perplexed how this would have started now, but I’m going to see what I can do to work around that error.

Can you try this pre-release build?

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Still no go sorry. Do you need diagnostics from this one?

Yes please.

submitted as 66213466-022c-4bb6-ad4b-49172856721c

Try this next one and then submit diagnostics again. Thanks!

Same, Logs have been submitted as 8d7c97e6-b43b-4ff8-afd1-e35b6909c4ca

Are you able to run chromium yourself?

Are you able to downgrade chromium? 119.0.6045.105 came out October 31st and only came out for freebsd last week, so it's likely that you just installed it and that was the source of the issues.

It looks like chromium 119 is requiring dbus (which it appears you aren't running)... and I'm not sure how to fix it.

Not sure if I can downgrade chromium but I'll check it out.
Is it possible to downgrade the server if I can't do chromium.

I don't think downgrading the server will make a difference. There isn't anything we changed that would impact the way you're running chromium.

Are you able to run chromium on the command line?

It's TrueNAS Core and the Jail for the server uses freeBSD as a base.
So it's a shell interface and I don't have a clue what the command would be to use chromium from there.

Ah, sorry. I don't really know about how TrueNAS works and how it interacts with dbus.