Chromebook odd problem

I have a new Acer R 13. I currenrly have latest software. Using Channels Pi server for 8 mos. Channels currently works on my Windows, Linux and Android phone. On my new Acer live programming comming in via TVE Philo works fine. OTA stations can be selected from guide and audio plays but no video. Can,t figure out why video on one and not the other?

Using the chrome browser I assume? The difference between TVE and OTA in that case is that the OTA will require transcoding and the TVE typically will not. Any errors in the DVR server logs?

Negative. Downloaded from Playstore.

Then you may need to change the video decoder to software from hardware in the app. Or change the quality from Original to anything else to force transcoding to H.264.

(It sounds like your Chromebook can't handle H.262/MPEG-2 video.)

Thanks for your reply. The settings you're referring to are located where, Newb? Same app in phone works fine. I realize it is still most likely the Chromebook.

I don't have an Android app to navigate in right now, but I believe in the client app on your Chromebook, go to Settings > Playback > Advanced > Decoder, and make sure the decoder is set to Software.

Or, change your streaming quality: Settings > Playback > Streaming Quality > Home, and change it to anything other than Original, like 1080P 8Mbps or whatever that option is titled.

(I used the iOS app for reference, so the menu options and structure may slightly differ.)

Thanks again for help. Don't believe those settings are available from Chromebook. Will start the hunt. The serrings you mentioned brought memories of PLEX...

I thought you said you obtained the app from the Play store. If so, the Android app ought to be pretty similar to the iOS one.

Or are you doing something different? It's hard to give specific aid without all of the details; with details, this is all speculation.

I sure did, the same one on my phone which works...

So you have a chrome book that can run Android apps? I wasn’t aware that was possible. I think that’s why we are confused. Can you possibly take a screenshot or picture and share it so we can get a better idea of what you are running on?

Edit: I stand corrected. It looks there are ARM-based chrome books that allow you to run Android apps. I have a fire tablet which is running basically the same client. The setting is under Settings-Playback-Advanced-video decoder

Are you saying there isn't a setting to change the video decoder at Settings > Playback > Advanced > Video Decoder?

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Yes to Chromebook running Android Appa. There is a Google Play Store Icon which when you click and start to type Channels... The very same channels Icon shows and yoy can install!

Regarding video settings, there are none.

yes. Certain Chrome books can run Android apps. but not sure if it is emulated, or native. Its a newer thing.
but its a differnt core OS, so apps may not behave the same as on Andorid.
Like, I can side load any Android mobile app to my Android TV box, but, i may not work right, crash, or just be wonky.

Thank you for that reply. I believe you are very correct in what you say. In the many chromebooks that I have tested I have found that the one's withe the Intel chip set vs the Mediatek chip set were least likely to run a fuller set of Android Apps. This one threw me because it this Chromebook has swallowed every thing I've thrown at it including the Smart Home App which the Intel chipsets don't seem to like. A huge problem! Oh well once again thanx!

Please click the Submit Diagnostics button in the app

I did...

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As previously mentioned, just change to software decoding, I had the same issue on my Pixelbook and that solved it.

Could you post a screenshot of the Settings tab?

Have tried for hours trying to send screenshot. Every time I open the reply and put check mark on file and click the open (what else?) the screen comes back to log in then goes to black?

You can email to [email protected]