Chromecast 4k LiveTV

This is probably a yes, other options would be the Tivo Stream 4k, Airplay TV or Mi Box all of which will regularly be behind on Android updates. For example Mi Box S just got Anrdoid 9 a few months ago.

Shield is the most powerful of them all and Nvidia is good at up keeping up on updates. Obviously anything directly from Google will get the most frequent updates. I would say anyone in the market should get a Shield for any primary locations and Chromecast 4k with Google TV for secondary locations. Bonus on the Shield is that it can run the DVR software well and it works with TVE.

I do have the DVR with TVE running on a Mi Box S right now and it works pretty well, but a Shield would work much better. We will likely be getting Shield soon.


It completely depends upon your needs. Think of it as the Google version of a Fire TV Stick 4K. The only difference is with this device you get plain Android with fewer limitations, the ads aren't as pervasive and in-your-face (but they're still there), and greater application support; but they both have quite limited storage, as they're meant to be primarily for streaming content, which doesn't require a lot of local storage.

The TiVo Stream 4K is probably a better comparison; and between the two I'd go for the Google option because of TiVo's history with software.


I use a NAS, so I wouldn’t need storage. How about playing MPEG 2?

Android TV supports mpeg2 as do most of the devices that use it. Shield, Mi Box, Tivo Stream 4k, Airplay TV and FireTV 4Kall have hardware decoders for mpeg2. I would expect the Chromecast with Google TV to support it as well, but have not seen documentation on that yet. Even if it doesn't it will have enough power to decode mpeg2 in software which Channels supports.

Edit: I would say easiest way is to pick one up from the store and try it. If it doesn't work take it back.

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This was in reference to storage for the apps on the device itself. The less storage a device has, the fewer apps that can be installed.

Also, and more importantly for Channels, the live TV buffer is stored on device. So, if your device only has a gigabyte or so of free space, that's going to limit how long your buffer (to pause live TV, etc.) will be. Small amounts of storage may grant you 30 minutes or less, depending on the source. On the other hand, and Apple TV usually has far more storage than an Android device, meaning a much larger live TV buffer.

I got my chromecast yesterday and this morning started using it. Installed channels app and it works great. watched a mixture of OTA and TVE channels and everything was smooth. very happy this is out and for a good price.


I ordered one as I have some movies in Google Movies/Play in 4K want to see how it performs. I am not really happy with my ShieldTV tube.

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I haven't used shield tv. I bought my apple tv a few years ago before channels was introduced on android so I haven't had a need for it. I usually hear everyone say the shield works very well.

I use A New FireTV Cube as my main device for Viewing ... I only use the Shield to View DRM Channels using HDHomeRun App and Google movies. I prefer the FireTV Cube and my Echo Studios sound is terrific.

The shield works excellent. Protip: look for a Pro model from 2015 or 2017. They have 500GB instead of 16GB. Just becareful someone didnt upgrade the internal drive, which prevents firmware updates. I got one, all original, and its been a great great buy. Gaming, movies, whole home DVR and a Plex/Emby all in one. Plus their is always the adaptable storage which is WAY better when your device storage is more than enough for all of the finicky system stuff that doesnt enjoy adaptable storage.......

This has less memory free then the fs4k or the ts4k with the same apps added. Also the pip don't work with the new os on here. And I can't get the search key to work from the remote shortcuts. No volume control on the device like on the ts4k. Just my first thoughts.

There's a volume rocker on the right side of the remote. There's also a mute button below the Google Assistant button.

That's for the tv volume. I'm talking the device volume like the ts4k and other android boxes. If you are using ear buds with no onboard volume controls you need a device volume control like on a pc.

The volume/mute keys on the TiVo remote send IR commands to your TV/receiver. They're not tied to the Android system; TiVo uses a custom app in their firmware image for the device to program the remote to send the proper IR keycodes to handle your audio equipment.

Unless you're seeing something different, the only sound setting on the TS4K is to toggle system/navigation sounds, or select which audio formats are enabled.

You are correct. My bad I was confusing it with the android stick which has the device volume. The atv4k dose it the best tv volume until you use bt speaker or headset then device volume. I haven't played with the ts4k in a while. Sorry for the mistake.

Received my Chromecast Google TV and tested Channels DVR.

The app runs similar to one on Apple Tv. When you press up/down on the circle trackpad, it does not change the channels.

How do we get it working similar to Tivo where it changes channels on up/down press?

Use a remote with CH +/- buttons.

A Shield is complete overkill for anyone that just needs a basic streamer device. Especially for triple the price. Don't see it as a "recommended" device unless you game on it or do as you do, and run the DVR on it. But most already have their Channels server set up already so why bother switching at 3x the cost of Sabrina?

Haven't tried it yet on mine, but you could try button mapper.

Like other android boxes? Are you confusing generic chinese android boxes that are android OS, not Android TV, with actual Android TV boxes like MiBox S, Shield, Sabrina and the TS4k?

Since the TS4k will automatically figure out your device that controls audio, it sets up the remote to control that devices audio, so for you it seems seamless. It's not volume on the ts4k that's being controlled. These devices just don't work that way to my knowledge.

But again, the TS4k works so well Channels because of Button Mapper and the accessibility settings. So the same thing can most likely be accomplished with Sabrina as well. Or CCGTV if you prefer that acronym.