Chromecast and recording playback outside channels

Two questions

  1. is chromecast supposed to work in the chrome browser on desktop? I get the cast icon, but it fails to cast.
  2. Can recordings be played outside of channels? I have recordings that play in channels but if i try to play them in windows media player or even rename the recordings, my hard disk use goes to 100 percent and basically freezes the pc. Any reason for this?

Bump. Still looking for some answers here from the developers. Is chromecast from the browser supported? Why cant i navigate to the channels recordings folder without hard disk use going to 100 percent for extended periods and bogging the system? Doesnt happen with other files.

Chrome cast has not been tested recently and may have broken with newer cast updates.

The TVE recordings have a known issue that causes some problems with Windows Explorer. They will play fine in VLC and other software. There are more details in Large number of [MTS] unhandled_packets AND discontinuity_detected for ch6101 DISCOVERY

Are there any plans to fix the explorer issue? Its ridiculous that i cant even open my recording folder to manage recordings without my hard disk activity going to 100 percent and making the pc unusable for like 15 minutes. And getting files to permanently delete from the recycle bin takes forever. If youre going to have a program write files to someones pc those files ought to be manageable within explorer.

I had this issue a while back when I was using Windows 10. The two fixes I was given were:

  • Update mpeg drivers
  • Remove or update shell extensions

Updating the mpeg drivers fixed the issue for me.

How did you update the mpeg drivers?

I didn't write down the steps but you should be able to Google it. I had to do the removal from the command line (several commands if remember correctly) but installing the new drivers was done through the Windows App Store. Sorry I can't help more, it's been at least nine months.