Chromecast Google TV

New user here and set this system up all at the same time (dumped Tivo Bolt).
Have the following:
HDhomerun Connect Quatro
Channels DVR Server on Win 10 PC with Intel i7 CPU, 16GB RAM, 1 TB storage, 1Gb Ethernet
Chromecast GoogleTV with Channels DVR client app currently on Wifi 5G, 300Mb+ connection to server
Outdoor Antenna for TV

Here is an example of my signal strength:

I get pauses and stuttering in my live TV viewing. It also seems like whenever the channel I'm watching fills the chromecast buffer, it pauses, jumps to the beginning of the buffer then back to live. This also sometimes results is severe audio sync issues.
I've tried switching the playback advanced setting from hardware to software... doesn't seem to make a difference. I've tried disabling the Surround Sound setting and that completely kills TV, so I need to keep this set to ON.

Sounds like a lot of issues, I know LOL. Just trying to get this to work smoothly, because I don't want to go back to Tivo.


Can you submit diagnostics from the app after it happens. It does sound related to the buffer filing up, esp if you're seeing content flash back to the earlier stuff.

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Will continue to do this going forward. I did go through that process while running into issues the past couple days, so some of that diagnostic info should be queued up. Thanks!

So using the Software decoder settings turns out to be much more stable on the Chromecast GoogleTV in my use case now. It's like any minor fluctuation in TV signal locks up the Channels app when Hardware decoder is in use. My only slight complaints with the software decoder are it is slow to output audio after commercial skips... and it doesn't show the commercial skip button onscreen 50% of the time.

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