Chromecast support on the Android version

I beg of you. Please add chromecast support to your android version of Channels Dvr. I will gladly leave plex and migrate my whole family over to you for chromecast support haha. If you want to charge more for that feature, fine. A subscription model perhaps....fine! Just please help me stop killing my server running both programs when I only need yours if you add chromecast support.

Thank you.

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I'd like Chromecast support as well. Personally, it's because of the proliferation of smart displays like the Nest Hub Max.


I totally agree. This is essential functionality. What's the holdup, guys?

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New potential user here. Upvote on this request for Chromecast support.
I have a couple of Vizio TVs which have Chromecast built in.

Will resurrect this. Why is there no CC support yet for Android. My major streaming devices are tired to my tv's. When I travel, I just bring my chromecast ultra. How am I supposed to watch on the big screen? Tie up my phone with a usb-c to hdmi cable? Chromecast support is so basic nowadays.

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Still no reply? Gotta give them an "A" for Android hate , haha. If I had the energy and focus to code in Javascript again I would look into this myself smh...

Kind of sad they can't even take a few minutes to reply about a much needed, and I believe, fairly easy feature to implement. And yet if I bring it up in the beta thread I'd get scolded for being off topic. Oh the hypocrisy.

Considering that Channels deals with OTA MPEG-2 video, I don't believe adding support for casting is as easy as you think it is. Remember, Channels has to use its own custom video player because most streaming OS video systems don't natively support the format.


Oh sure. Bring logic into it. :wink:

But last I checked, isn't channels transcoding to a more common codec for out of home viewing? And if so, doesn't that squash that argument?

And for future arguments sake, is atsc3.0 using hevc? Which would be compatible.

Channels can transcode, but only if there is a DVR server present. By default, a Channels client will directly connect to an HDHomeRun tuner, completely bypassing the DVR server. Also, there is the "Channels Live TV" app, which does not require a DVR server to operate. (Or, just the "Channels" app for iOS/iPadOS; the paid "Live TV" and the free "DVR" app were merged on that platform.)

We're talking out of home viewing here. Like I want to bring my chromecast ultra to the shore house and just cast from my phone. Giving home scenarios where the server is present doesn't really qualify for this feature request. At home, people have a streaming device. This is for travel purposes. Hotel stays, vacations, friends house and so on.

And side note... Why would a channels dvr subscriber pay $25 or whatever it costs for the channels live app? And again, I don't bring an antenna and my quatro with me when I travel.

I understand the desire to use hardware you already have, but you can do out of home streaming right now on a Fire Stick Lite without the need for casting. On sale right now for $18.

No need anymore. With Chromecast with Google TV I can install Channels DVR directly and access my media.

Yeah but I have five TVs and only one Google TV Chromecast. I have to go out and spend $200 to get new the Chromecast just to get this to work.

+1 Haha, I'm mad at that too, but these cats don't care. They know they have the best program ever made for cord cutters, and they don't want to sully it, haha. It's so bad in my house that I resurrected my many raspberry pi's with openelec to cover where I don't have the new chromecast. The channels dvr plugin in kodi works. It is what it is sadly...

For those of us with a Google Nest it would be a great feature. Google Nest doesn't allow you to install apps on it but you can cast to it.

Ours is in our Kitchen and being able to watch TV while cooking and cleaning would be awesome.

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If it was the best out there it would have the extremely basic support for chromecast that the supposed not so best apps out there. It wouldn't require me to buy more hardware to be usable when none of the other video based apps seem to require it.

And supposedly being the best, the will be an alternative down the road to knock them down a peg or two. The beauty of not having to invest in proprietary hardware. While it's easy to hop into Channels, it's even easier to leave to another program/app. Maybe one that isn't all about the purple too. :joy: