Chromecast Virtual Channels Buffering

So this is a weird one. Newest chromecast buffers every so often while playing virtual channels remotely (off local network) no other types of channels has this issue. This also doesn't happen on nvidia shield only chromecast

Try running a speed test to your server. it can be found in support. It sounds like a WiFi issue. I had to plug my CC into an HDMI extension cable and move it out from behind the TV and now get great reception.

Double gigabit connections..I speedtest between 150-300

It’s not the connection

Was this speed test from your Chromecast?

As this is remote, the server must encode to transmit. What is the server, It's processor and video?

Is there any activity on the server when this happens? check the log to answer

Yea I misremembered the speed but it’s more than enough to deal with my media

The server is not reencoding though…it’s set to send original and there is enough speed for that

Speed might be enough but latency and jitter aren’t. The problem is your network.

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Lol okay

Can I get a dev response

They can tell you the same thing, but with that latency and jitter im surprised it works as good as it does. You have a network problem. See if you can hardwire everything and you should be good (or fix your wifi).

This is outside by my pool about 40ft from my AP.

Lol okay :roll_eyes:

this is not a local server - this is over the internet

thank you all for your network expertise - but this is a very specific behavior only happening with a remote connection, happening with a very specific type of channel (virtual channels) happening with one player that i was trying to bring to the notice of the devs

Would you not agree that it would be pretty hard to troubleshoot a problem with a connection that the jitter is so bad it would drop audio on a basic VoIP call. What everyone is saying is you have to fix the connection problem before you can even start. The shield is a far superior device and can probably handle the packet issues you have better, barely.

How does it perform when you play in the browser from the same location?

Can't in the browser because these are virtual channels

But on nvidia shield in the same place i don't have this issue

Unfortunately I just tried recreating the issue on my chromecast and i'm not seeing it right now - but i have been seeing it for a few months