Chromecast w Google TV audio sync problem - resolved

Hi again

I have 2x CCwGTV units, in separate rooms, both connecting to my LAN via ethernet, both running Channels DVR, in Melbourne, Australia.
One of these units shows distinct lack of lip-sync, both on LIve TV and playback of Recordings, while the other one audio-syncs perfectly. I also note that the audio-sync issues on the affected unit appear on the Channels DVR app only (other apps lip-sync fine, ie).

I guess there's a setting somewhere that I can twiddle, but so far, I can't find it.

Any suggestions as to where I've gone wrong?

Thanks in advance,

Apologies - it looks like this may have been a false alarm, as the situation appears to have righted itself...

I decided to try switching the CCwGTVs around, by installing the 'good' unit in the 'bad' one's set-up, and vice versa. Well, lo & behold, the 'bad' unit started audio-syncing OK, and then continued to behave, even when replaced in it's original set-up (where it had failed before).

I did not change any settings, but the process involved a few of reboots all 'round, which may have reset something. (I had actually tried rebooting a few times before, to no avail, so not sure why this worked today.)

Anyway, no need to continue with this - the problem appears resolved (for now).

Andy V.