Chromecast w/ Google TV - Trying to make this simple

Hi here. I have an older dad who needed to get a new TV. Now I'm trying to make his new TV as dead simple as possible to operate.

Here's what I want to accomplish. I want to use the stock CCwGTV remote to simply press one button and have the channels app come on and immediately play Live TV, preferrably from the last channel it played on. I also would like to set it up so he only has to press up and down to change channels.

Basically if anyone is familiar with the old Live Channels app on the Shield, I kinda need it to function just like that.

I have accomplished the first thing with Button Mapper and made the Youtube button load up the Channels app - Success!

I can't for the life of me figure out how to change channels by simply pressing up and down. Side to side is obviously time skipping. Pressing up just brings up the info, pressing down drops down the quick guide.

Any help?

That’s what up and down are set to. There’s no option to change them.

You might have better luck with the TiVo Stream, as it has a more traditional remote. It has channel up and down as well as channel numbers and they all work with Channels.

There’s also ways to make the guide and dvr buttons work for Channels.

Additionally, you can de-TiVo it to remove all of the cruft TiVo added and make it a more traditional Android TV device.

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I gave up on the stock remote for similar reasons, and switched to Rii MX3's.

The Pg+ and Pg- keys do channel up and down as expected. You can also use the numeric keys for direct channel selection..

I had to program the colored infrared keys to contol my older TV volume and mute, as the tv bas no hdmi-cec functionality.

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