Chromecast w/ GoogleTV - Does it work with Channels?

I have two Nvidia Shields on my bigger TVs that work great with Channels, but I have Mi Boxes on my bedroom TVs.

Since the Mi Boxes do not really work at all with Channels I have to use the horrible HDHomeRun software on them.

Thus, I'm looking to replace them with the cheapest options that work with Channels. I'm thinking the Chromecast with GoogleTV would be the way to go, but would love to hear from others on how it works with Channels.

If there's a better suggestion at a similar or better price point, I'd consider that also.

I appreciate any suggestions.

Let us know what you end up with. I've seen lots of positive reviews but have not used a current Chromecast to know how well it works.

As for alternatives, FireTV sticks are already on black Friday pricing now. The negatives is all the Ads/promotions in the UI.
Look at the TIVO thread as folks seem to like the remote and there appears to be ways to get rid of TIVO bloatware. I hear Walmart may have them in the stores for $10 clearance; but online it shows normal price for me.

Both the TS4K and CCGTV have very low internal free space, due to low internal storage chip (8GB i think?) Means there is little space for the live tv buffer, so if you are one that like to pause things for more than a few minutes, you will fast run out of space and it will either resume or just lock up and crash. ( I have had mixed results with such devices when they get full).

The CCTV and TS4K also are wifi only devices, unless you get special usb c adapters to connect to them for a wired connection.

either one works fine as a basic client device for Channels DVR.

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The CCGTV works well enough, I have a couple of them. However, it has barely any storage. (After installing Channels and 4 additional apps, the drive filled up, and there wasn't even enough space to download updates for any of the apps!)

If you go the cheap Android route, then you're going to want to make sure you can attach external storage to it. For my CCGT I have a USB3 flash drive plugged into a USB3 hub with power passthrough, since the device only has a single USB-C port.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I likely won't be installing that many apps, but that is good to know about the space limitation.

The buffer isn't really a big deal in the bedroom so not a problem there.

The Tivo Stream 4k is $26.99 on Amazon right now so I snagged one of those. At that price, worth a shot.

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If you disable all the TiVo stuff, it makes a decent streamer. Especially if you like a classic remote. (And it has a free USB-C slot to add a flash drive for extra storage.)

The SoC in both the TS4K and the CCGTV are basically the same, so they're pretty comparable hardware-wise.

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The Tivo Stream 4k arrived today. I hooked it up. Aside from having to use my own batteries because the remote wouldn't stay paired with the included ones, everything went smoothly.

From my limited testing on Channels, it seems to work fine... where Channels would not play content for more than a few seconds and was slow on Mi Box

Barring any unforeseen issues, this looks like it will suit my needs nicely and at $27 you can't be beat it.


Chiming in here a little late. I have both TS4K and CCwGTV.

When TS4K came out I trashed it as it was an abomination. Buggy and close to unusable at times after a release. I went to CCwGTV and had a decent experience. But recently I've played with the TS4K and they fixed a lot that was wrong, the remote is far superior (#'s for example - and you can upgrade the remote to a Bolt remote with even more keys/commands - with Button Mapper). Finally, PIP works on the TS4K but not on the CCwGTV.

The main TVs in 3 houses are now TS4K and I have relegated the two CC to monitors in my home offices. For both, I de-bloated them to be more like generic Android TV.

The only issue I have with the TS4K is that when I hit the home button, it sends an infrared command of some sort to my Samsung TV and a "Not supported" message pops up on the screen for 5 seconds which is annoying.

I believe you can disable the IR command being sent. I can't recall if it was under the remote settings, or the CEC settings.

I'll check again. I've been all through those settings when I got it and couldn't find anything.

Would you mind sharing which hub you are using? Does it have a LAN port? I'm using the Google made LAN adapter, so I'm guessing I will have to abandon it, unless it can power a non-passthrough regular USB-C hub as well as the device itself and pass through the internet. Having almost no buffer abilities is finally bothering me.

In retrospect, as much as I like the CCGTV for a simple streamer, the costs I have into it, the device, LAN adapter, remote replacement, and now a planned USB-C hub and flash drive, it's surpassed a tube SHIELD's cost.

This one doesn't, although there are many that have a GbE port. It's a cheap hub with 3 USB-A ports and a USB-C w/ PD; the make and model escape me.

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