Chromecast with Google TV as DVR Server

I've used both my Sony Android TV and Tivo Stream 4K as my Channels DVR Server with external hard drives formatted as internal storage with no problem. Lately I've had connection and buffering issues with some android clients(within the the TS4K, other tvs and phones). I am not sure if the issue is: wifi, the TS4K internal storage being full, or the external hard drive having an issue.

So I thought I would try running the DVR server on my new Chromecast with Google TV. I ordered an USB-C Hub and connected via ethernet and attached an external hard drive(formatted as internal storage). I installed Channels DVR and set up and Enabled the DVR. I've tried from both PC and android phone and cannot get the DVR server page to load.

Anyone got ideas what I am doing wrong or what setting to change?


It doesn't work on CCGTV or Android 10+

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Try clicking Help > Install DVR in the latest client apk beta.

I tried it on my CCGTV and its working with the new sideload option in the client app

Thanks for the help. After searching I found the instructions and it works. The instructions for android devices are here: Channels Support - Sideload Channels DVR Server to Nvidia SHIELD. If you are restoring an existing database, use these intstructions: Channels Support - How do I move Channels DVR Server to a new computer?

After adding the USB-C hub( to the CCGTV I had to use a 45W power supply and change the USB-C power cable to one that could deliver that much power. I've read you need at least 36W and others claim the original power works.

Please, please, please remember when giving answers or advice here to include complete thoughts, explanations, and links when possible. Many people here are not experts and short answers are often not helpful.

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