Clear failed recordings

Last week cable was out and a few shows didn’t record

How do i clear them

You can clear them in the web ui. I think that’s the only way.

That did it

They will also eventually just go away.

But will they re-record if still in failed state.?

No, channels does not re-queue failed recordings.

Even if you have record all episodes and deleted if it airs again soon and is still in failed state ? I think failed state keeps an episode from re-recording so best to clear them ASAP.

Yes, if you set the pass to “re-record deleted” as well as “record all episodes”, but of course that will record every single episode of that show, not just the one that failed.

My Question is will it re-record while in failed state. ?

Yes I believe so. The “failed” entry in the recordings list is just there to let you know something went wrong. I don’t think it impacts anything else.

Yes it will re-record while failed. This was fixed in prerelease since the last stable.