Clear Qam Channels

I am a new user of Channels DVR, is there any way to manually edit the channel name? I use Clear Qam, and the channel names show just as 50xx, which obviously does not sync with the channel guide.

Any help would be appreciated.

There is no way to do this yet. The plan is to add a a channel editor so you can pick the correct guide source for each of the channels.

Do your channels have names, or are they all listed as Unknown as well?

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They are all listed as unknown, sadly. We can watch them just fine, just not map them to any guide data. I think it would be a valuable feature if possible.



This feature was added last month, and now you can edit the channel mappings on the DVR web UI to fix your guide data.

Awesome, I will test and report back. Thanks for taking the time to respond so I was aware. Cheers!

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Can you point me to where in the DVR web UI this new feature is located? I looked around and it did not jump out at me.

Thanks in advance, looking forward to reporting back.



Sorry should have mentioned that…

On the Settings tab where your hdhomerun is listed. Under the hdhomerun is the guide provider code. Next to the code is a pencil icon.

See Guide Channel Mapping Editor (v2017.02.10.0714)

Thanks for the quick reply (and on a Saturday!). After a quick test of the setup, works like a charm. I have a manual mapping of my Clear QAM channels (e.g. 5040 = WBTV CBS), so it was a cinch to choose the drop down selection that matched that channel.

Huge feature, exactly what I have been looking for. Happy to pay the subscription price.

I will report back after fully mapping the channels and an in-depth review.



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