Guide Channel Mapping Editor (v2017.02.10.0714)

The latest DVR release has a full guide mapping editor, so you can easily fix the guide data for missing or mismatched channels. This also means Channels DVR can now be used with ClearQAM.

Click the pencil icon next to the lineup to make changes to it. Click the refresh icon next to the pencil when you're done to refetch guide data.

Full release notes as always in


if I fat finger on a channel, how do I clear it out?

No way to remove a mapping. Will add.

Does this just map guide data or does this tune to that channel? Example: I have 4.1 and 29.1 which is the exact same broadcast, 4.1 sometimes has issues whenever a storm comes through. I would like to keep the 4.1 channel but map it to display the 29.1. Is that how this works or just the guide?

Just changes the guide data for that channel.

Darn. Thanks for the quick reply!

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@tmm1 just found that you can use custom channels without an xmltv file using this which is working great for me.

Just wondering if there is a way to change how often the guide using the mapping editor refreshes? Is it using the same drop down box on the xmltv part of the custom channel?


Guide updates once a day between 8-10am

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What is the extent of channels that can be matched?

Is a small subset or is it fairly comprehensive?

Assuming it’s just any provider that uses gracenote for their guide data.

I’m importing Australian OTA and PayTV/Satellite guides as they use gracenote.

I just go to my custom playlist, press the pencil icon, change the cog setting from current lineup to all lineups and search for the channel I want - but need to make sure you’re selecting the correct region/Timezone as there are lot of channels around the world with the same name but will have comepltely different programming.