Clicking in audio during streaming

I get a clicking in the audio during playback on an iPad Pro running iOS 15. Curious it is just me. If I watch the same stream on a dedicated webpage, I do not get the clicking.

What version number is shown in the Channels app where this is happening? What audio driver is selected?

I cannot access my server, but I am running the beta version per your recommendation to fix lag that was observed on ATSC 3.0 channels. I am running 5.1.0 on the iPad. thank you for the quick response.

Try going to the App Store and install the 5.1.1 update to see if that helps

That did not solve it. It is only on my iPad Pro (2021). I will reboot the server when I get home to see if there is an update there as well. That will be a few more days though. Do you need any log files, etc, from me on the iPad?

Yea if you submit diagnostics from the iPad app we can look.

Are you using experimental or default audio driver under Settings > Playback > Advanced

I submitted the diagnostics via the app. I am using default audio driver. I will see if experimental helps and provide feedback.

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Does it click in the official HDHR app on the same iPad?

I don’t have the app. If I stream the .m3u i use in Safari, it does not click. The experimental audio seems to be working.

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Any more issues?

Everything seems to be good keeping the experimental audio on.

Thank you

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I am also having this exact problem on my iPad Pro 2021. I am running version 5.2.1 of the Whole Home DVR app.

I am using the default audio driver. When I switch to the experimental driver it fixes it.

Is this going to be fixed soon so the default audio driver works correctly?

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Experimental audio driver still needs to be activated on the 2021 iPad Pro. I'm glad I found the solution to fix the choppy audio. I was restarting Channels DVR server, changing to pre-release, rebooting routers, updating software and nothing fixed it on iPad. Then I started thinking the iPad was defective. Glad I stopped by the forum to fix the issue.