Client device recommendations?


Giving up usable / user friendly features 99% of the time, to cover myself for the 1% of the time something like that is needed doesn't make sense to me.

In the rare event I miss a recording, odds are I'll be able to find it somewhere else. But truthfully, the only times I'm likely to miss a recording are when there's a power outage and all of those backup solutions require power too.

To me, the interface / features I use on a daily basis are of utmost importance. I want an interface that helps me best find what's on and what going to be on. And makes watching TV an enjoyable, not frustrating experience. Channels delivers that much better. The commercial skip feature in Channels alone is enough to justify moving to this app. Add in TVE support and you've now completely removed my need for recordable DRM and any need to ever consider HDHR sofeware again (thankfully!).

I think their beta test of the new UI is right on schedule for a 2021 completion. :joy:


Sorry didn't mean to get off topic ... back on topic I am still feeling my way through the AppleTV4K my first Apple investment takes a while to get used to the new Channels Interface coming from Android but so far so good. Was a doubter but now am convinced best Channels Client


I'm interested in what's different. But I am campaigning for feature parity for Android.


What do you like more about the Apple TV? I have that and a Fire tv 3 hooked up to my receiver, really can’t tell the difference except for louder sound.


The Apple TV 4K takes advantage of the options of my Samsung 4K tv such as switching from HDR to SDR and also the Audio is much better on the FireTV 4K it kept getting out of sync on my 4K TV.... I had to set the FireTV 4K to Stereo.


I turned off Hdr on my Apple tv makes Channels looked washed out. Still allows Netflix HDR luckily.


I set the setting in the Channels App to switch to SDR on App Launch works great on my TV.


I assumed you were comparing AppleTV to Nvidia Shield.

Using FIreTV 4k is not an apples-to-apples comparison.


I noticed n the Apple TV 4K you do not get the full Prime experience ... It is limited to only being able to play ... you do not get XRay features or IMDB features. Unless I am missing something ?


They added X-Ray back in February. Not sure about IMDB but I just checked and it was there.


How do you access it ?


Swipe up... :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahh I see I hate that remote so I am using the Caavo remote. Thanks.


Yeah doesn't work with my Harmony either, but since I never use Xray or any of that stuff it doesn't really matter to me.


Quick Apple TV remote pro tip: if you don't like using swipe gestures on the touchpad for directional navigation (up/down/left/right)...

You can also just tap (not click!) the side of the touchpad in the direction you want to go.

For example, if you're in a menu, and the first menu item is selected, you can tap the bottom of the touchpad (instead of swiping from the top to the bottom) to go down to the next item.

(Also, an Apple TV bluetooth game controller like the SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller can be used as a general purpose Apple TV remote, if you still prefer to use physical buttons for navigation but you don't want an IR remote that requires line-of-sight. The next version of tvOS will let you use an Xbox One or PS4 controller as well.)


I wonder who designed that remote ... they clearly did not take to account all types of users like elderly disabled etc.


Some of us “elderly” like the ATV 4 remote :wink:


I take back what I said after using the Apple TV 4K for a few days ... I just do not like the Apple TV Itunes and store experience. Also I have noticed that switching between 4K HDR and SDR washes out the colors. I sent it back to Amazon ... prefer the Android / FireTV OS experience much better. Android has far better TV viewing options. For EX the KODI unofficial Hdhomerun APP. The FireTV handles HDR/SDR much more seamlessly.

I guess I am just not an Apple guy.


Set it to 4K SDR and turn on "match content". Thats how I run mine and it switches to HDR just fine when it needs to using Netflix and Plex.


Apple forcing HDR on by default for new devices has to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in my years of playing with media. :roll_eyes: