Client losing connection with DVR?


So I downloaded the DVR and the channels app yesterday and I’ve been testing it out to see if I should ditch my Plex subscription. I keep running into a problem though. While watching a show that is recording (about 30 to 50 minutes behind live), the app will lose it’s connection with the server every 30 minutes or so. This will bring up the screen that says it can’t find the DVR server, and it gives you the option for the remote connection. I try to hit reconnect over and over and over again to no avail. The only thing that fixes it, is force closing the app, and restarting it. After doing that, the client finds my server and I can begin watching my show again from where I left off. Is anyone else experiencing this?

I’m running a Mi Box (Android TV) on the latest firmware with my DVR server installed on a QNAP NAS.


The MiBox’ WiFi has been very squirrelly for many users ever since the Oreo “upgrade”. I haven’t had a problem with it, but many have. (Then again: I haven’t used either of our MiBoxes extensively. Our primary device is a FTV v2.)

Are you using the 5GHz band? Strong signal? What brand/model of WiFi router/AP?


5GHz, strong wifi signal, Nighthawk R8500 router. I’ve kept up with the wifi issues on r/AndroidTV on reddit, and honestly I haven’t had any wifi issues with my Mibox before or after the update. I’m not sure what the problem is now. It’s starting to happen more and more frequently now. I never have any issues watching through Live Channels, Plex, HDHR app, or Kodi. Is there any way to get logs from the client?

Edit: Just a little more info… Right before it loses connection, the video feed will pause for about a second, play one more second of video, and then finally kick me back to the screen saying I’m not connected to the DVR.


Data point, FWIW:

Synology DS218+ and HDHR Connect Quatro on a NetGear ProSafe GigE managed 5-port switch. About 100 feet of Cat 5E back to a NetGear ProSafe 8-port unmanaged GigE switch. EnGenius EAP1300 access point plugged into that, via a PowerDSine GigE PoE injector. About 50 feet of Cat6 cable from the injector to the AP. Xiaomi MiBox 3 with latest public/stable Oreo patch, on the 5GHz WLAN, about 25 feet from the AP. Channels 2.0.7 app.

Played a one-hour episode of a 720p series. (It was the only thing I had over 1/2 hour long recorded atm.)

Played from beginning to end w/o a hitch.


I’m using an HDHR Prime at the moment. Did you watch a previously recorded show? Or was it a recording that was in progress? I’ll try to rewatch a fully recorded show and see what happens. I’ve only messed around with Channels for a day or two and I don’t think I’ve experienced this during live tv. Only during “live tv” that is being recorded but about 30 minutes behind from live.


It was a previously-recorded show. We “tail” recordings in progress just about every evening. There’s a local 10 o’clock news show we like to watch. Often we’re watching something on Netflix or Amazon Prime, or something previously-recorded OTA, and don’t begin watching that news until well after it starts.

This is always on an Amazon Fire TV v2, though. The MiBoxen have been relegated to non-home-theater applications, since their Dolby processing is deficient. (Personally, I’m so disgusted with Xiaomi, I’ve half a mind to relegate them to the next shooting range session… but $65/target’s kind of steep :stuck_out_tongue: .)


You can visit http://x.x.x.x:57000/log using the IP of your SHIELD. That will pull the logs from the app. See what it says after video stops and it disconnects randomly.