Clients view not show every client

I see on "Clients" view only iPad and Apple TV beta.
However on Apple TV I have installed both stable client and beta version. I haven't used beta for a long time and recently used stable just before installing latest DVR beta.
I also have installed stable Channels app for iOS 13 on iPhone.

The clients list shows devices not apps

If the iPhone doesn't appear then the app is not up to date from the App Store

Any particular reason you haven't updated to iOS 14 yet? Just curious. It's been working great for me.

I usually not update a phone unless necessary, If not by accident I would be still on iOS 12.
I hate one-year new system policy by Apple, that instead of fixing things introduced always new bugs.

But in this case I need iOS 13 to be able to connect to XCode to overcome location verification for YTTV.

Your device will not receive the latest Channels update. tvOS/iOS 14 became the minimum OS version requirement with version 4.4.0 back in January.

You will need to upgrade your device to get the latest version of Channels and its features.

I dont care being latest and greatest. I have iOS 14 on iPad.
When I am outside with phone I cannot connect to DVR anyway because my operator put clients behind double firewall

That's fine. I'm just explaining to you that your Channels app won't update because of the version of iOS on your device. This is the explanation to your original post. Your Channels app is behind and will stay behind. So it will not have this feature.

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