Closed Captioning not working in 4.5.2

I just updated two installations from 4.5.0 to 4.5.2 and closed captioning is no longer displaying (confirmed option is enabled in drop-down). Both installations are tvOS 14.5 on Apple TV 4K. Anybody else seeing the same?

It works fine for me on CDVR 4.5.2, tvOS 14.5.

Weird, it's happening in iOS as well. Two additional details that may be a factor:

  • I'm using the "Channels for HDHomeRun" app instead of "Channels DVR" even though I have a DVR subscription (so I can still use the tuners if my NAS goes offline for any reason)
  • I have a number of client settings established on the latest DVR server (v 2021.03.30.0356). Screenshot below.

I have the same problem also the latest Episode of Big Sky will not show closed Captions on my FireTV ... but they work on EMBY. The problem seems intermittent.

I got the working by turning the black background to none. on the fireTV settings... do you have something similar in Apple ?

...aaaand it's fixed in 4.5.3 :smiley: