Closed Captions keep shutting off

Running the latest 4.0 (paid app version) on an ATV 4K, and several times throughout the day the captions simply turn off and we have to manually re-enable within the app. I haven't found the exact pattern yet, but I'm curious if anybody else is seeing this? We love our CC so when it shuts off it's pretty obvious :slight_smile:

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Just came here to see if anyone else is having this issue. Yes, closed captioning keeps disabling itself. Sometimes several times each day.

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Can you please submit diagnostics from the app right after this happens. That will be very helpful in figuring out what's going on.

Just submitted mine. Turned on Apple TV and started watching. CC was working. Switched to Guide selected same channel CC not working.

Edit - Just sent a 2nd. Seems to be triggered when switching from live TV to the Guide and then back to live TV.

Just sent mine as well. Something I just noticed: Not only do the captions shut off, but there's no checkmark next to On or Off in the CC menu. Are you seeing this as well @MediaMogul?

Thanks. I am uploading a new testflight build with a fix.

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Correct. Check mark missing.

CC working great with new testflight build - thanks for the fast turnaround!

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This bug is fixed in v4.0.2. You can update by going into the App Store and searching for Channels.


Thanks so much for posting the fix so rapidly! Your support team is truly impressive.