Cloud DVR

Just curious, are there any Cloud DVR services that would work with the Channels DVR in place of the NAS?

No. Channels DVR is an in-home software DVR.

That's an interesting question. I wonder if there was some other option, say renting a dedicated (or even a shared) server where you could remote in and install and configure Channels DVR, using Locast and TVE for example, and serve everyone in your family from the remote server. No upload bandwidth issues, so it's not sucking down your own home's bandwidth, but it is costly. Ultimately, everyone that connects is remote, and there would be no transcoding required because server bandwidth isn't and issue.

I appreciate that they developed Channels DVR as an in-home DVR and they may want to keep it that way. It’s a great service I’m enjoying it and I’ll continue to use it. However for me the perfect set up would be if they had an arrangement with a cloud-based storage provider that would integrate with their software. Give people an option an In Home NAS DVR or a Cloud Based DVR.

Sorry, srazook, I didn't mean to take your thread in a different direction.

I can see this being useful. I have ms 365 and it comes with 6tb cloud storage (6 users X 1tb each). I can see using 1tb as a drive for recording and the other 5 added as content storage. Just a quick thought. Not trying to say it's technically possible.

Come to think of it isn't this sort of what playon cloud dose.