CNN on TV Anywhere

I was referring to OTT providers

Please confirm you are talking about AT&T TV and not AT&T TV NOW. I know CNN (and other channels by same supplier) at NOT supported via TVE with NOW credentials. My guess is AT&T TV does not support it as well. I have both AT&T TV Now and PS Vue and Vue supports it.

The Op did say he is using Att tv now

I was replying to his original post. I understand some are confused about all of the names used by AT&T. But there is AT&T TV and AT&T TV NOW. Using other names to refer to those two is not correct.

I use AT&T TV as my provider

He did confirm he is using Att tv now

Talk about confusing...
There's AT&T TV, AT&T TV Now, AT&T Watch TV and AT&T U-verse according to Wikipedia and cordcutters. What's next, AT&T TV Later?

AT&T TV is Internet streamed to an Android TV set-top box from AT&T.

I have Att Watch and there is no TV everywhere support.

Is anyone using AT&T TV (not AT&T TV Now, Watch TV or U-verse) for TV Everywhere?
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It's only available in a few areas and most Att tv now customers will think it for them

CNN, CNNi, and HLN all authenticated for me today within the DVR server. I currently subscribe to AT&T TV NOW.

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TNT and TBS as well. Oh happy day!

Interesting, it’s still not available for me on AT&T TV subscription. I just tried full rescan. Are you using the latest stable release (2021.03.30.0356)?

I am an early adopter, so I am on the latest build.

Thanks for reporting this. Something I was hoping would happen. I have AT&T TV NOW.

Contextually speaking, AT&T TV Now is a different service (with different terms) than AT&T TV. AT&T TV Now is only serving previous customers for the time being, and not accepting new ones.

And before that it was called Directv Now. This rebranding is one way to get rid of the cheaper streaming options but allowing those to be grandfathered in.

Regarding CNN and the others. They have not been available on any of the streaming subscriptions besides PS VUE which has been dropped. The only other option before has been thru CABLE and FIOS TV and the like.

I would be surprised if the other streaming services don't start to be able to get these channels via TVE.

Aren't they owned by Discovery now?

No, not yet. AT&T is spinning out the WarnerMedia division into a new entity separate from AT&T. Over the course of this year, WarnerMedia and Discovery Networks will merge into a new yet-to-named company. No firm details have actually been presented yet, and the merger isn't expected to close until Q1 of 2022 or thereabouts.

should work now, you may want to update to the latest version. Before I updated, I was getting a not supported message.

Yes, it’s working great with the latest version. Thanks.