Provider - AT&T TV

Please use this thread to discuss experiences and channel availability for AT&T TV

Is anyone using this provider for TV Everywhere authentication?

This is not AT&T TV Now
This is not AT&T U-verse
This is not AT&T Watch TV
This is a streaming version of DIRECTV

It appears that only AT&T U-Verse is listed on this Live TV web site. So I expect what you heard form AT&T is wrong. Hopefully they will support it soon.

Not sure what you mean?

Sorry I miss read the following: Curious where did you read that?

TV Anywhere says that I should get CNN.


BTW... I really hope AT&T TV Streaming (TVE) gets CNN because that might mean AT&T TV Now will get it at some point.

Your quoting the OP of that thread, Jewithers

He never replied back saying where he saw that, but I'm assuming it was

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Sorry, I did not see it at the link you provided. Your link actually explains why I do NOT see it.

I did not read it as much as I saw the CCN logo on the TVAnywhere site and simply assumed that I should be getting it because of that. Obviously that was wrong.

Do you have an AT&T TV login (username & password) that can be used for TV Everywhere?
You can try going to in a browser to see if it works.
I do see AT&T TV listed as a supported provider there.

Customers aren't the only ones confused about AT&T's alphabet soup of TV offerings.
Appears even AT&T doesn't know the difference.

AT&T TV vs AT&T TV NOW: What’s the Difference?

AT&T Is Confusing AT&T TV with AT&T TV NOW, Creating Mass Confusion

AT&T Merges AT&T TV NOW & AT&T TV Logins For Apps Like ESPN Under AT&T TV, Once Again Causing Confusion

No, I am an AT&T Now customer.

Didn't we clear this up already? Att tv now doesn't have access to CNN

Yep, but this thread is for "Provider - AT&T TV".

Looking for anyone with this Provider that can access TV Everywhere.
So far nobody has said they have "AT&T TV" and can use that provider to access TV Everywhere...
Blame AT&T for the confusion.

I signed up for ATT TV and the list is similar to ATT TV NOW. I don't know the chances ATT's support for TV everywhere will improve.

what packages do you have @rey_1178

Has anyone tried installing the Channels DVR Server and/or Channels DVR Client on their AT&T TV AndroidTV box through the Google Play Store? If so, did either of them work?

Any update on whether they provide and authorize TVE?

Choice 85+

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I've got 2020.06.16.1927 on a QNAP NAS. Getting the context cancelled error. Does it with DirecTV also.

Is there an outside source like Zap2it to check the guide data for AT&T TV now?

Since Zap2it is displaying Gracenote data, Channels uses Gracenote data, and DirecTV (part of AT&T) use Gracenote data, it seems logical to expect AT&T TV Now to use Gracenote data; so why wouldn't Zap2it work. What discrepancies are you seeing?

I am unable to find CONtv on zap2it.
I have created a pass for show 21 Jump Street and it is not showing episode data. Just broadcast date in channels.

Trying to do some troubleshooting.