Collections & Quick Guide

Ive set Quick Guide to the Current Collection in Server Side settings for all clients. There are no client overrides. However the quick guide displays the very first collection I use and then regardless of which collection I choose it displays my most recent channel and stays with that first collection without switching over. Am I missing something in the way it is supposed to work.

Is Quick Guide setting set to Current Collection?


Is this on Apple TV?

yes the server is on a Mac. the clients are on Apple TV.
Both are running the current beta

I'm experiencing the same, with the same ingredients. Thanks for reporting it.

This issue is still unresolved

Please describe how you’re starting a channel and the path you take through the app. We need a bit more info on what’s happening to cause this bug.


  1. I select guide
  2. I navigate to a collection eg. Favourites and select a channel to start playback
  3. The quick guide shows Favourites as expected
  4. I go back to guide and navigate to a different collection and select a channel to start playback
  5. The quick guide shows my current channel from the new collection and the remainder channels from my initial collection ie Favourites.
  6. At no point do the channels from the current collection are displayed in the quick guide

This behaviour remains throughout the session ie Only the very first collection selected shows in the quick guide.

As mentioned quick is set to current collection

Thanks for this! I’ll try to repro this after the holiday.

I see this behavior as well, but only when PIP for live TV is turned on, works as expected with PIP for live turned off.