Color button Remote Shortcuts (Apple TV)

Forgive me as I am just getting started with Channels and a new Apple TV (previous Roku User).
I have Channels setup on my Apple TV and have the DVR server working. I am using a harmony remote (companion with the Harmony Hub) and have it setup but am confused on how to use the Red, Green, Yellow and Blue remote shortcuts. If I open my Harmony app, I can map the color buttons on the actual remote to functions from the original Apple TV remote but have none called Red, Yellow etc... what do I map them to?
I know I am missing something obvious and probably stupid but its been a while since I had to change my setup as it was working fine for a while :slight_smile:
Ideally, I would like to set the Guide button on my Harmony to open the Guide in Channels as that is how my wife used our previous setup.

Thanks and look forward to using Channels primarily now, it is mile ahead of anything else!

You map them to F1, F2 etc. Then in the app you can go into settings and select what those keys do in the app

Thanks, I don't remember seeing F1, F2 as an option to map to in the Harmony side but will take another look when I get home tonight. I was working on it late last night so I may have just missed it.

It's available by adding a Windows PC to the activity. See Channels Support - Advanced Remote Tricks

Also if you have a TV with HDMI control enabled, you can set up Harmony to map those color keys to the tv remote and they will work on ATV. Quick test would be to grab the TV remote and try to control the ATV. If it works with that then it will work with Harmony.

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Yes, this worked on my Sony TV, but not my Samsung. They're both about 5 years old though.

Different brands support HDMI-CEC to different levels. Sony seems to pass through all button presses (including the colored ones), but very few (if any) others do.

Adding a windows PC did the trick for me. Thanks!