Comcast Xfinity Local HD Channels

All of a sudden my local HD Channels (NBC, ABC, etc) are not working. On my apple tv I keep getting the error "Weak Signal" and on my iMac through the Channels site getting the error: "Error: HDHomeRun: 807 No Video Data." This is the error from the log: 2019/10/20 17:20:07 [ERR] Failed to start stream for ch1055: HDHomeRun: 807 No Video Data

I've got an HD Home Run Prime and Comcast Cable Card.

Any suggestions?

Go to and try scanning for channels again. You can also check the system log there.

You may need to email [email protected] with your device ID for help. Or call Comcast.

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It's working again. I scanned for channels again, but I got the same error again. After another 10 minutes or so it started working. I've had a lot of problems with Live Sports over the years (especially big games like Super Bowl and World Series). Often, the picture freezes and stutters a lot during those events. If I was a conspiracy theorist, I would think Comcast does this on purpose somehow to cable card users.

More likely a bad cablecard or bad cabling from the street to your prime. If you're using splitters try to remove as many as possible, use high quality coax cables with high gauge copper wires, and plug the prime close to where the cable first enters your property.


Does that provide any info that there is something wrong with the cable card or connection?

"Card Validation: none" seems bad. But SiliconDust would know better, you can ask their support or on their forum.

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Your card is not validated .... need to talk to Comcast.


Ok. I’ll try that, but I had called them and validated when I first got it.