Commercial cause pause

Seems like watching any station not OTA…
When commercial starts stream pauses, times out only fix is to get to guide and reselect channel..
When commercial starts
And again when commercial stops….


Running minipc windows 11
All software updated to latest

Not sure, your logs don’t show anything.

@tmm1 @eric I am having this as well on pluto. When a show transitions to a commercial I just get a spinning wheel on appletv. Exit the guide and reselect the channel then the commercial plays fine. Commercial transitions back to show and you get spinning wheel again. Exit the guide and reselect the channel and then the show plays again. I submitted logs from the atv last night when it happened.

This morning I disabled the mpeg-ts rewriter and the problem went away.

2 things are possibilities, I've been confounded by both at one time or another.

Commercials have:

  1. Different IP addresses sometimes
  2. Different resolutions on occasion also

Likely not one of these but it's a starting point.

@Sparky Do you have experimental mpeg-ts rewriter enabled also?

I do and I turned it off testing will continue now I shall report in a bit.
thanks I thought it might be one of those checked boxes.....

now to fix Uverse no login form issues....... :grin:

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We're looking into why this is happening with the Experimental MPEG-TS Rewriter. Thanks for the report.

This should fix it. Thanks for the reports!