Commercial Detection - ABC World News Tonight

I record this every night, and every night it seems to miss commercial detection.

The first few commercial breaks are detected properly, but it seems that every night about 3/4 through the newscast they do a couple commercial breaks with fairly short segments inbetween. The commercial detection misses these every night.

I've noticed this week that they are using two logos in these sections... one logo pops up about 3-5 seconds into the segment and then it changes to another logo about 10-15 seconds later.

Not sure if that's causing the issue or not. Not sure what you guys need from me in order to try to diagnose it, but let me know.

This is something I watch every night so it's somewhat frustrating because it's easy to miss these short segments when you're manually rewinding to find them and then the location jumps back way too far, etc.

There is a log file that should give you that info. The name should be in another post about a similar issue. It might be the comskip log.

This is my experience too.
Interestingly enough this was also the behavior with MythTV several years ago.

That's a new stunt. Used to be some of the stunts they'd pull was to put them up early, put them up late, dismiss them late--things like that.

(I don't watch ABC World "News" Tonight any longer. Couldn't stand the over-dramatization and the overall poor quality of real news coverage. I can't even stand the sound of David Muir's voice anymore.)

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ABC is about as far down the middle as it gets for news. I'm afraid to ask who you think is better.

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