Commercial Removal on transcoded or old mpg files

This is probably a 1off request but I guess that is why I have this in the Playground/Hack section. Now that there is a great commercial verify function with Channels recorded content,

I would like to use that function of verify commercials for old recorded mpg or transcoded content. Now that there is a new library function , I can "re-index" the recording ( I tried a mpg) but when I rerun commercial detection, I don't see anything in the log but I didn't check.

My request: Can I use the re-run commercial detection for these type of recordings in some fashion with channels DVR? Ultimately, I would like to have a script call this type of function run commercial detection and then use the iPhone or web interface to "verify commercials".

I have a Mac (I am not interested in MCEBuddy) and have transcoded recordings (some have chapter for commercials that is helpful) of movies where I would invest some time of doing commercial removal if I can verify them. I rarely find a movie where everything is right but I feel comfortable when I can do the verify function.

I was looking and installed comskip (with some older MCEbuddy ini file) but the results weren't as good as Channels DVR and ultimately there is no verify functionality.

Well, I installed Comskip and am using a US cable Comskip.ini that seems to better for the TV shows and movies I record and watch. I even replaced it for the default Comskip.ini for Channels. I still will use the verify function but I find the number of fixes is lower.
I as also have been able to make a workflow to update transcode/ w commercials and the remove the commercials and stitch a HEVC recording back together.

So, the next task is to figure out how the recordings DB and re-running commercial detection works so I can redo this for some of my older recodings.