Commercial skip button disappears before commercial starts

I am new to Channels so I hope this isn't a dumb question. I did try to search for a solution.

We were watching the Super Bowl recording so we could skip commercials. Channels did a pretty good job of detecting commercials. The Commercial Skip button would show up several seconds before the commercial started. We wanted to wait until the commercial started before skipping, but the Skip button disappeared before the commercial started so I had to skip forward manually with the right arrow. From what I read, it sounded like the Skip button was supposed to remain on the screen for the entire duration of the commercial. I believe that Channels properly detected the commercials since, when I used the right arrow button to skip forward, the timeline correctly indicated the duration of the commercial break.

Is there some setting that I might have changed to cause this? I would like the Skip button to remain on the screen for the duration of the commercial break or have an easy way to bring it up. Thanks.

What device do you use to play the recordings on your TV?

I am using an Apple TV 4K on the TV and the DRV is running on an 2018 Mac Mini i7 with macOS 13.2.

After watching some additional programs, it may be that the commercial skipinng algorithm just had a hard time separating the commercials from the regular program in the Super Bowl recording. Watching other programming, the Skip button only appears once the commercial starts.