Commercial skip button issues

When the Commercial skip button appears, many times it is only a partial button, and it also locks out the UI banner for FF/RW functions.
The recording of Swat yesterday, i can not skip at all after the last detected commercial break at the end of the show before the next week preview, that com skip did not detect as part of the show. It is impossible to seek to after that part unless i disable the skip button. sometimes the button is there but clicking it does not do anything.
NVIDIA SHIELD app version.11.10.202
Doesnt happen all the time, just sometimes.

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You can click the back button to hide the skip button, then other commands will work as expected.

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On FTV remote, you can hit the FF and the Skip button will “fill in” then you can select it.

Yea, that has not worked much at all for me. sometimes it does, but most times it just cancels the playback.

@jagrim Don't have a "FTV" I have a Shield your comment does not help.