Commercial skip not working

I’ve been using channels for a few months on my Apple TV’s and the only real issue I have is that commercial skip does not work half the time. Sometimes it will recognize a commercial and other times it will not. I’ve tried auto and manual commercial skipping. Is there a reason this feature is so unreliable?


Are commercials detected but not correct, or not detected at all?

Any particular channels where it's failing more often?

I will get you more detail.

for me it’s been starting correctly but it doesn’t end correctly. It stops and it’s either still on commercial OR it’s past the commercial and it’s a minute or more into the show again.

Im running the server in a VM on a AMD Ryzen Linux box.

I’m running the latest beta dvr. Running on AppleTV local at max resolution.

I’m watching the Good Doctor on ABC and I have this issue.

Do you mean it's not completing? Or that its accuracy is a problem?

comskip, the external program that handles commercial detection, is developed by an outside third-party and integrated into Channels.

It's an accuracy problem with comskip. I did some testing last night and it seems to be an issue with older recordings...which would point to an issue with older beta versions of the DVR server.... I weekly update the DVR server with the beta versions.

I realize that comskip is an external program but I believe I read a thread somewhere here that the DVR server has a comskip config file ....maybe that config file has been tweaked...?

Then it sounds as if you want your own comskip.ini:

And then perhaps the ability to re-run comskip: