Commercial skipping - Does it wait for the dvr to stop?

so I have multiple shows set to record on sunday night and last night about an hour after one was finished recording, the commercial detection hadn't been done. Does it pause for all shows to be done recording before it can proceed? I have also noticed some shows take about 40 mins for it to work. I am running the software off my PC but the I have the DVR going to my nas...thoughts?

The web admin UI will show the commercial detection status.

yea, I have seen that but I am wondering if all shows need to be done recording before detection will start?

Commercial detection will run when each recording is over. It doesn't wait for the DVR to stop.

You can check the Log tab to see when commercial detection ran and exactly how long each one took. Four hours to process one recording doesn't seem right.

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Just curious, if a recording is played while comskip is running how is this handled?

Detection starts when recording is down. So if you are playing a recording while it is recording, and the recording finishes during your playback, commercial detection will run on the recording while you are still viewing it. And if you happen to still be watching the recording when detection finishes, the commercial markers will then automatically appear during playback and become available for use.


And comskip isn't actually modifying the original file, only writing a new file with markers, so running comskip and watching a recording do not interfere with each other?

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hmm...ok. Maybe I'll have my wife stop and restart it...but yea, I have noticed some of the shows take about 30-40 mins to process. I'll look at logs and send them over if necessary

Correct. It reads the recording, and Channels makes note of the commercials in its internal database.

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i noticed that all shows do not have commercial skip, even after couple days. what can i do?

also having major issues watching recording shows, and sports events. long time to load recording, also long time to fast forward already recorded portions. lot of time it will skip ahead, and will not let me rewind.

Sounds like your NAS is underpowered and getting overloaded. For fast commercial detection and heavy usage we recommend NAS with Intel CPU