Commercial Skipping with .ts files

I am using a Formuler Z8 Pro to record shows on my NAS. I point Channels to the shared folder on my NAS, where I can play them. Is there a way I can apply the commercial stripping function to this folder? the saved files are .ts files.



The Channels comskip is only triggered automatically on its own recordings, but using the web ui you can run comskip on imports too, I believe. That’s a manual process, but it would be possible to write a script to trigger it as new items are added (and completed), I believe.

I imported a load of Emby ts recordings then manually ran comskip on them through the ChannelsDVR web interface. Worked well.

Well, as well as comskip can work... :stuck_out_tongue:

I cannot seem to install emby because it requires root privileges. I do not have the technical know how to fix this. Windows won't let me install it either. Thanks for trying.

You don't need to install Emby. It's the media center app I ditched to use Channels DVR for because this app actually works.

In channels web interface: Recordings >> Imports >> Shows

...will have the ts files you should have already imported. Click the little gear icons and there should be one that says something about detecting commercials manually. (cant recall how it was worded)

thanks - I found this early this morning