Commerical Detection Log Error Msg

Commercial detection failed. This is from the log:
2020/02/11 18:17:24.341333 [IDX] Generating video index for file-1165: Intentional Talk 2020-02-11-1529.mpg
2020/02/11 18:17:29.782507 [IDX] Finished video index generation for file-1165 in 5s
2020/02/11 18:17:52.001671 [DVR] Running commercial detection on file 1165 (TV/Intentional Talk/Intentional Talk 2020-02-11-1529.mpg)
2020/02/11 18:21:55.290141 [DVR] Commercial detection failed with exit status 1

Any ideas as to what is wrong?

I’ve noticed this too. I think comskip returns an exit code of 1 if no breaks are identified. There are occasions where the process completes successfully, but just doesn’t identify any breaks. I wish that exit code could be changed so it only returns non-zero if there is an actual failure of some kind. As it is, it’s hard to know for sure that something went wrong.